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Archive for November, 2013

If we have anything to learn from the recent discovery of the remains of a 19th century garden grotto in Hamburg, it is this: if the Ivy looks too big to be true, it probably ís too big to be true. Because that is where it had been hiding for decades, this grotto like structure that […]

I asked a question in my last post. This one: “Or could the circular area -with or without building- surrounded by a thick planting of evergreens have been the norm at the time?“. ‘At the time’, being the 1720s, as that was when two drawings of such a circular open space -can’t really call them […]

Today a month ago the 2013 Painshill Conference, titled ‘Gardens of Association: the Roles and Meanings of Garden Buildings in Eighteenth Century Landscapes’, kicked off for a remarkable two days of lectures and discussion. I do not intend (or pretend) to write a review of this great and interesting conference, but there are some points […]

An easily overlooked reference from 1766 indicates that the owner of Huys ten Donck (Ridderkerk) liked to swim in a ditch in his garden. No evidence of a bath house or similar structure has survived.