Paleis Het Loo: the Reetz design and the current situation compared

In this earlier post I mentioned the design by T. Henry Reetz for the garden of Paleis Het Loo, which discovery was made public by Cascade. They also mentioned that the upper part of the garden that had not been restored in the past decades, would be restored in 2007, taking this new design as an example.

In order to be able to compare the Reetz design from 1706 with the current situation -before the restoration takes place, as well as with a plan from ca 1725 by C.P. van Staden, I’ve created the following image (click on image for a larger picture with more detail):


LTR: the 1706 design by Reetz (from the Cascade weblog), the 1725 design by Van Staden (from the site of Paleis Het Loo) and the situation as available on Google Earth today (image probably winter 2005/2006).

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