Triple bridges, a new map

Just a short note that another map has been added to the collection. This time it does not focus on gardens in a region, but on a certain type of garden feature: the triple bridge. Also known in French as Triple pont or Pont triangulaire, and in Dutch as Driepuntsbrug, it was long supposed to be a feature typical for 19th century garden design in the Dutch northern provinces.
Research by TuinTerTijd has shown that examples from early in the century can be found in what is now Belgium (but belonged to the United Provinces at the time of creation). Ultimately, even earlier examples turned up: in and around Paris during the 1780s (that’s where the French terms come from).

This is the type of bridge we are looking for:

I’m just collecting them on a map, to make their appearance in time and location more clear. And, OK: I found the Parc de Bagatelle one myself… To find out what the different colours mean, click here. With your help the map will be updated regularly (I hope), so please let me know when you have a new addition (executed or not).

Driepuntsbruggen / triple bridges / trois ponts View as larger map.

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