A small piece of Beeckestijn history

There is a lot to tell about Beeckestijn at the moment, since it has entered yet a new stage in its development. The estate has finally been transferred to its destined owners: Natuurmonumenten and Vereniging Hendrik de Keyser. More about that and several other developments must wait, till I have time.

Today I just wanted to show a picture that relates to a crucial stage in Beeckestijn history: the mere destruction by Dutch (first) and German (later on) soldiers during WW2 (source). The German soldiers were quartered in the house to man the east part of Festung IJmuiden. An anti-tank ditch (“Tankwalgracht”) that was part of this section of a protective ring created around Amsterdam by the German occupiers, ran east and south of the gardens of Beeckestijn.
Two Three of the bunkers that were built in the garden are still visible, although they are covered with a layer of ground and plantation.

Edited at 9 jan 2014 after corrections by Laura Fokkema.

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