Commercial Beeckestijn

Beeckestijn popped up in a Dutch television commercial recently. Wait for or skip to the second half of the video. Visible are the stairways to the 1719 pond and the pond itself, the 1960’s berceau and the flower garden.

Beeckestijn's flower garden

Given the troublesome position Beeckestijn is in at the moment, it would be nice when part of the revenues from this commercial could be used to prevent the estate from being sold. Unfortunately, that is not possible, because Beeckestijn is a public park. On the other hand, if Beeckestijn would be able to receive money from production teams, it probably wouldn’t have been picked as a location.
I guess they were glad they didn’t need to record live sound (so they could mix the dorky song in afterwards): last time I visited the garden, I heard one of these planes cruising overhead every 90 seconds or so.

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