Update HGimages 2010 #3

In April 2008 the group called Historical Gardens on photo-sharing site flickr begun collecting photos of both famous and obscure historical gardens from photographers around the world. The goal is ofcourse to enjoy gardens in all seasons.
But an imporant aspect for me is that over a longer period of time, the collected photographs visualise the (gradual or sudden, small or big) changes and alterations that take place in these gardens and parks. It will take a few years of building a broad portfolio, but ultimately this group can serve as one of many online sources for historical garden research. The fact that many people now scan and upload older or even vintage photographs is a great help in that respect.

The group now spans all continents and many countries. In the past four weeks (21-24) photos of the parks and gardens shown on this map have been added.

Click on the image to open the map and zoom in. The map opens in new page or tab.

For maps containing all gardens that are featured on Historical Gardens, please click here.
A big thank you to all contributors who make this selection possible and up to date.


An overview of photos of the gardens and parks that have been added to the flickr group Historical Gardens in weeks 21-24 of 2010. Now collectively show on a nifty map.

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