Building projects at Chiswick House approved

The Garden History Society informs its members they have approved the proposals done by the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust to build a new cafe on the grounds of Chiswick. 1News no. 80A, December 2007 It will be built close to the site of the current cafe, on the site of stable and outbuildings which were demolished in the 1930s. The build starts in 2008. An overview presentation shows the cafe in its relation to Chiswick House, with which it will have a direct visual relation.

The new cafe at Chiswick

The design of the cafe is modern, much in line with the result of a public survey that was held to determine what the public wanted the cafe to look like. Architects from Caruso St. John Partners are setting the new cafe off from the main house in style, but because the structure will be built with Portland stone -the same material the exterior of the house is made of- a sense of unity is maintained. The old cafe will be demolished, making room for an extended lawn; and Old Lord Burlington Lane will shift slightly into the direction of its once original location.

More detailed information on the plans is available here on the site of the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.


1 News no. 80A, December 2007

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