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HGmap: Germany

This map shows you the locations of gardens and parks in Germany about which HGblog contains information. The links below the map shows which gardens are on it. Click the locators on the map to receive information and links with more information and images of the specific site.
All images you may find there are courtesy of the people who have joined and participate in the Historical Gardens group on flickr, where photos of historical gardens and parks are gathered. Please be aware that normal copyright restrictions are in place, unless specifically stated otherwise. These restrictions may vary from picture to picture.
You can add photographs of your own to the pool, but you will need to get yourselves a flickr account if you want to do that. Please do. You are invited to share.

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Featured gardens:

  • Germany

Baden-Württemberg (Featured Gardens)
Berlin (Featured Gardens)
Brandenburg (Featured Gardens)

Rhododendronpark Bremen (Bremen). | HGmap | info | website
Wallanlagen (Bremen). | HGmap | info

Hamburg (Featured Gardens)
Hannover (Featured Gardens)
Hessen (Featured Gardens)

Schloss Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe). | HGmap | info
Schwetzingen (Schwetzingen). | HGmap | info | website

Karlsaue (Kassel). | HGmap | info
Wilhelmshöhe (Kassel). | HGmap | info | website

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Featured Gardens)
Mittelfranken (Featured Gardens)

Nordkirchen (Nordkirchen). | HGmap | info | website

Niederbayern (Featured Gardens)
Niedersachsen (Featured Gardens)
Nordrhein-Westfalen (Featured Gardens)
Oberbayern (Featured Gardens)
Oberfranken (Featured Gardens)

Babelsberg (Potsdam). | HGmap | info | website
Freundschaftsinsel (Potsdam). | HGmap | info
Neuer Garten (Potsdam). | HGmap | info | website
Klein Glienicke (Potsdam). | HGmap
Sanssouci (Potsdam). | HGmap | info | website

Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart (Featured Gardens)
Rheinland-Pfalz (Featured Gardens)
Sachsen (Featured Gardens)

Georgium (Dessau). | HGmap | info
Gruson-Gewächshäuser (Magdeburg). | HGmap | info (in German)
Herrenkrugpark (Magdeburg). | HGmap | info
Oranienbaum (Oranienbaum). | HGmap | info | website
Quedlinburg (Quedlinburg). | HGmap
Roseburg (Rieder). | HGmap | info
Rotehornpark (Magdeburg). | HGmap | info | more info
Schloss Ballenstedt (Ballenstedt). | HGmap | website
Schloss Blankenburg (Blankenburg). | HGmap | info | website
Schloss Mosigkau (Mosigkau). | HGmap | info
Schlosspark Krumke (Osterburg). | HGmap | info
Spiegelsberge (Halberstadt). | HGmap | website
Wörlitz (Wörlitz). | HGmap | info | website

Schleswig-Holstein (Featured Gardens)
Thüringen (Featured Gardens)
Unterfranken (Featured Gardens)