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HGmap: Asia Pacific

This map shows the location of gardens and parks in the Asia Pacific, here roughly consisting of China, Japan, Korea and the Philipines. Click the locators on the map to receive information and links with more information and images.
Clicking the links below the map will take you to the Historical Gardens group on flickr, where photos of historical gardens and parks are gathered.
All images you may find there are courtesy of the people who have joined and participate in the Historical Gardens group. Please be aware that normal copyright restrictions are in place, unless specifically stated otherwise. These restrictions may vary from picture to picture.
You can add photographs of your own to the pool, but you will need to get yourselves a flickr account if you want to do that. Please do. You are invited to share.

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Featured Gardens:

  • China

Beijing (Featured Gardens)
Guangdong (Featured Gardens)
Henan (Featured Gardens)
Hong Kong (Featured Gardens)
Jiangsu (Featured Gardens)
Macau (Featured Gardens)
Shangdong (Featured Gardens)
Shanghai (Featured Gardens)
Yunnan (Featured Gardens)
Zhejiang (Featured Gardens)

  • Japan

Chubu (Featured Gardens)

Korakuen (Okayama). | HGmap | infoo

Suwayama Park (Kobe). | HGmap

Kansai (Featured Gardens)
Kanto (Featured Gardens)

Suizen-ji Jôju-en (Kumumoto). | HGmap | info

Shikoku (Featured Gardens)

  • Laos

Vientiane Prefecture:
Xieng Khuan (Buddha Park) (Vientiane). | HGmap | info | more info

  • South Korea

Ch’anggyeonggung Palace (Seoul). | HGmap | info | more info

  • Thailand

Bangkok (discuss):
Dusit Gardens / Dusit Zoo (Bangkok). | HGmap | info

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden (Pattaya). Tag: nongnooch. | HGmap | info

Phang Nga (Featured Gardens)