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I thought it was about time I drew some attention towards the group I run 1)‘Run’ is a big word, I need to start updating the lists of gardens again, which is my self-inflicted duty as the group admin. But the lack of updating on my part, luckily does not stop people from joining and […]

Some motifs that are passed on from classical architecture till this day are quite well known. Others are not so obviously classical. Here a small decorarive motif used in a bridge in Paris is traced back to a Roman mural dating from 30-20 BC. But a 16th century drawing shows that the motif was never really forgotten.

A great set of coloured lantern slides made between 1895 and 1935 is made available on flickr by The Library of Congress. And there is a book about the photographer, Frances Benjamin Johnston. Some information and a link to the set is presented here.

The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam hosted a big Eugene Atget exhibition, which I visited on the last day it showed here, before it ships to Paris. That is of course the city that inspired Atget to make an enormous amount of photos. He avoided the new Paris, with its grand avenues, and focussed on the […]

Update HGimages 2010 #3

An overview of photos of the gardens and parks that have been added to the flickr group Historical Gardens in weeks 21-24 of 2010. Now collectively show on a nifty map.

Update HGimages 2010 #2

A list of garden photos that have been added to the Historical Gardens group on photo sharing site flickr over the past 4 weeks.

Update HGimages 2010 #1

In April 2008 I started a group called Historical Gardens on photo-sharing site flickr, in which photos of both famous and obscure historical gardens are collected by photographers around the world. The group has been growing continuously over time and now spans all continents and many countries. The images have always been accessible through the […]