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Archive for November, 2010

Menkemaborg storm damage

Falling trees missed the Pallas Athena statue at the Menkemaborg by a hair.

Kew Gardens, 1771

You have to love the interwebs: it is so great to have access to such essential sources as old maps of Kew Gardens. More in Kew Garden’s From the Archives set on flickr. And in their photostream, of course! Edited because I can’t even spell some 40 words correctly.

The drawing of how the 2700 year old garden at Ramat Rachel (an amazing find) could have looked like, is actually an almost exact copy of an artefact in the British Museum.
Keep digging fellas!

Father and son Zocher are often mentioned as designers of the beech avenue at Keukenhof. An analysis of their rejected design (by lack of a preserved final one) casts some doubt on that assumption. They probably didn’t bother, or weren’t allowed to.