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Archive for October, 2010

Earlier I mentioned that an avenue of beeches will be felled at the Keukenhof, and new trees planted instead. Reason for that is a widespread infection by fungi, which could lead to dangerous situations for visitors to the flower exhibition. 1)Recent numbers used for a calamity plan mention an avarage of 15.000 visitors at any […]

In an attempt to revitalize the layout and to ensure visitor safety, de Keukenhof is ‘replacing’ 180 year old beeches in an avenue. While they’re at it, they seem to create something de Keukenhof has never witnessed before. Or…

Land en Bosch was bought by Natuurmonumenten in December 2007, as mentioned in this earlier post. It is part of a large group of estates the organisation owns in ‘s-Graveland. Natuurmonumenten has since then been preparing the estate for public entrance (in parts of the garden). Most of that work has remained unseen, and will […]

Misplaced park furniture can ruin the total experience of a perfect design.

Massive protests in Stuttgart, where 300 year old trees are cut down for an underground train station.