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Archive for July, 2007

In a predictable turn of events, the arrangements surrounding Beeckestijn have led to questions in parliament (Tweede Kamer). Mrs. Snijder-Hazelhoff, member of parliament for the oppositional liberal party (VVD) and -according to her profile- dairy farmer in the northeastern part of The Netherlands, directed questions to the Minister of Agriculture (Gerda Verburg –CDA) on the […]

The previous owners closed Museum Beeckestijn in January 2006, to save money. The new owners (since last week) have already said they wanted to create a centre for garden and landscape architecture at the estate and to have the museum reopened. The latest news is that the museum is going to have a flying start. […]

It is official: Beeckestijn as complete estate is saved (to the left: an image of only half the territory as pictured on the 1772 estate map by architect Johann Georg Michael). Last Thursday evening (it only took them ten minutes) the Velsen council voted in favour of plans to exchange the estate against development plots […]